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Hinds County Frequently Asked Questions
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Q When is the next Board Meeting?
A Every first and third Monday of the month

Q Who is my Supervisor?
A Contact Board of Supervisors @ (601) 968-6501

Q How much is my tag?
A Contact Tax Collector @ (601) 968-6588 Estimate Tag Cost

Q How would an item be placed on the agenda?
A Submit item(s) in writing to countyadmin@co.hinds.ms.us along with supporting information

Q My garbage has not been picked up. What do I do?
A Contact WastePro @ (601) 981-9950

Q I hit a pothole and it messed up my rim. What do I do?
A Contact Hinds County Public Works Department @ (601) 857-8732

Q Do you offer grants for a house?
A The Hinds County Board of Supervisors does not offer any type of personal grants for housing.

Q My family member has died. Does the board help with burial?
A The Board of Supervisors does not offer assistance with burial.

Q I have a jury duty pay check and it has expired. Who would I talk to?
A Contact the Chancery Clerk accounting department at 601-973-5530.

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